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  I will provide you with the 5 best free online courses that are life savers for coders. you once have to try all these courses once. These all free lessons will help you to develop your skills. if you are a coder then these 5 courses will definitely build your fundamentals strong in programming and also help you to prepare for interviews. 

01. Cracking The Coding Interview In Java 

Website- pwskills.com

pw skills

This website will help you to crack the coding interview in java. On this website, the top industry teachers teach the chapter. you can learn from the best educators and boost your career in coding. this is a free website where you can learn coding the founder of the website is alakh Panday the founder of physics wala company. with over more than 120+ hours of video content, this course will help you to prepare for your coding interviews in great depth for absolutely free of cost.

02. Coding Interview Questions 

Youtube- Kevin Naughton Jr.

From this youtube channel, you will learn how to pass coding interviews and how software engineers is working in tech companies. this youtube channel will help you to understand and practice more than 110+ coding interview questions.

03. Developing Android Apps By Google

Website-: Udacity.com

This website will help you to develop an android app by google for free with over 60 hours of content this course will help you master android development with kotlin easily and build a professional app for free.

04. Learn Web Development 

Youtube-: Coding Shuttle By Anuj Bhaiya

This youtube channel will help you to learn web development faster and easier. he has explained all about the details of web development you can learn it from here. this youtube channel focuses on teaching web development in complete depth from beginner to advance. if you are a beginner then you can definitely check out this youtube channel to learn web development for free.

Coding Shuttle is an Initiative to provide quality Programming Education to everyone. Our Modern Web Development Course features all the latest topics on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. More Tutorials are on the way 🚀

05. Python Tutorial For Beginners

Website-: Simplilearn.com

You can start learning python tutorials for beginners from simplilearn.com. there you can learn many things for free of cost. you can learn python with over 10 hours of video course content and also get a certificate of completion easily.

I hope you guys get how you can learn coding for free from the free top 5 websites.
Thank you for reading.

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